Sample DowntownWPB Step By Step

May 14, 2015

Don’t know about you but I’m still getting over the fact that SunFest is done. I attend for the mix of live entertainment, shopping and wide variety of food vendors. Actually checking out the food location is usually at the top of the list. I would literally scope it out on day one. Day two»


April 8, 2015

Think parking garages are boring? Not in Downtown West Palm Beach! Some of our parking garages have been turned into pieces of public art that everyone can enjoy. I know that many of you know the difference between tagging and street art; street art provides a constructive dialogue and enhances the cultural capital of a»

The Boat Show Is Here But Why Stop There…

March 27, 2015

In town for the Palm Beach International Boat Show this weekend? Well if you thought your plans stopped there, think again. Here are some pointers to have you out and about in DowntownWPB this weekend. Love art? Love wine? Or just want an evening out? Tonight, Friday, March 27th, after the boat show ends an»

The Log Cabin Tea Room at 325 Datura

March 12, 2015

This guest post was written by Live WPB’s Jud Whitehorn, and a similar version was originally featured on the Live WPB blog. Hey, you know that parking lot over at 325 Datura Street? You know, the one just east of Leila and south of the courtyard behind Jimmy John’s? Oh, you don’t. . . ? Well, I guess that’s»

New Restaurant The Alchemist: Craig Steel Gives Us the Scoop

March 5, 2015

If you haven’t tried one of the hottest new restaurants, the Alchemist Gastro Pub and Bar you are in for an experience you will not forget. We had the privilege of talking with Managing Partner Craig Steel to get the inside scoop on what to expect. Gastropub-Style Food The Alchemist brings a new edge to»

Winter on the Water in #DowntownWPB

February 27, 2015

When Punxsutawney Phil popped his head out and saw his shadow on Groundhog Day, the prospect of another six weeks of winter probably felt like cruel and unusual punishment for a lot of people across the country. But when you’re in a place that pretty much feels like summer year-round, what are another few weeks»

#DowntownWPBrunch: A Weekend Staple in West Palm Beach

February 25, 2015

What is “Brunch”? Sitting down to a meal that allows you to make your own choices from the best of both worlds, breakfast and lunch; spending time with friends and family recapping the previous night’s activities over coffee or sipping mimosas as a preamble to that day’s festivities. What’s not to love? It’s tough to»

A Surf and Turf Day Awaits You!

February 19, 2015

Delay any other plans you had for this weekend. You’ll have the best time on land and sea this Saturday (February 21) in DowntownWPB. Enjoy everything from motorcycles to yachts to an evening of languages. Ahoy mate! We sure have an event in store for you so get your yacht gear ready for the inaugural»

Fall in Love With Our #DowntownWPBLoveStory Contest

February 4, 2015

People say a picture is worth 1,000 words, but sometimes words just make for a better story. So if you have a story about how you fell in love in Downtown West Palm Beach, write it down and share it with us, because we want to help you celebrate that love in the very place»

Unique Ways to Get Out and Get Active in #DowntownWPB

January 29, 2015

Getting out and getting active in Downtown West Palm Beach doesn’t mean you always have to have some kind of master plan. Sure, we have a vibrant nightlife, a variety of dining and shopping options, and an incredible waterfront that lends itself as the perfect backdrop to regularly occurring festivals, concerts and community gatherings. But»

Harvey and Clarke Help Develop Downtown West Palm Beach During Roaring 20’s

January 22, 2015

New businesses are opening up all over DowntownWPB these days. It’s a sign that our vibrant downtown area is alive and well. This swoon of new business isn’t the only time business has been booming here, though. In fact, many of the existing buildings in DowntownWPB were constructed during another robust growth period of our»

Continuum: January 21 – February 7

January 21, 2015

Continuum (noun): A range of things slightly different from each other that exist between two possibilities. Step into CONTINUUM WPB Arts next week, and you’ll find yourself immersed in possibilities that might blow your mind. Presented by West Palm Beach Arts & Entertainment District, CONTINUUM WPB Arts is a pop-up gallery/performance space that’s back by»

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