Why DowntownWPB?

Downtown West Palm Beach is a unique and special place, beautifully accented by water and palm trees, and punctuated with a mixture of historic charm and modern sophistication. Cutting edge tech startups and century-old local businesses call our community home.  

With corporate CEOs, millennials, visitors from around the world, and life-long locals all converging on Downtown West Palm Beach, we have found ourselves in a fortuitous moment. “How do we best support and maximize this incredible time in our history as Palm Beach County’s economic and cultural heart?”  

It is no coincidence that Downtown West Palm Beach has become such a potent attractor for business investment and residential growth. Since the early 1990s careful and strategic investments in public spaces and infrastructure have been made to build an urban center that is walkable, vibrant, and diverse. Private investment followed, and across the nearly three decades between the first Downtown Master Plan and today, the Downtown area has benefitted tremendously from private sector investments and a rapidly increasing residential population.  

We invite you to join us on this journey of Downtown West Palm Beach, as we continue the upward trajectory toward being one of America’s greatest mid-sized cities. Our future has never been brighter. 

Downtown West Palm Beach Economic Dashboard

Here Are The Stats

  • Median Household Income: $60,000
  • Retail Sales Revenue: 2.9 million West Palm Beach
  • Total Number of Firms: 6,000
  • Persons Per Square Mile: 7,500
  • Number of jobs: 30,000
  • Businesses per square mile: 6,000
  • Residents: 10,000
  • Annual Visitors: 8.2 million visitors in 2019 to Palm Beach County
  • #1 Hot Spot for entrepreneurs by Harvard University Economics Professors Edward L. Glaeser and William R. Kerr “What Makes A City Entrepreneurial”
  • Media Age: 40.4
  • 80,000+ pedestrian count per month on Clematis Street
  • Palm Beach International – 5 minutes from downtown
  • No state personal income tax
  • No corporate income tax on limited partnerships
  • No corporate income tax on sub chapter s-corporations

Business FAQs

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