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Innovative and creative approaches that add value and character to the Downtown District are desired.
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Available Grants

Façade Improvement
Grants to business owners or property owners for up to 50% of the cost of exterior improvements made to building façades in the DDA district for awnings, signs, landscaping and other similar exterior improvements.
Storefront: Up to $10,000
Building façade that is 25,000 sq ft or larger: Up to $20,000

Grand Opening Assistance
Reimbursement toward expenses that are directly related to the Grand Opening.
Up to $1,000

Business Incentive Grant
The grant shall not exceed 25% of the total project cost up to a maximum of $75,000​.
Retail businesses in ground floor level of residential condominiums in the DDA District. Maximum allowable amount not to exceed $10,000.
Application Fee – $94.74

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Business FAQs

What’s the market profile of Downtown West Palm Beach?

In 2015, nearly 350,000 residents will live within a 15-minute drive of Downtown. These 138,100 households and 76,000 families comprise a diverse population of ethnicities with an average household income of $69,500. The city’s median age is 39, with 46% of the population age 25-64 and a full 78% over the age of 18. This residential base, when combined with a thriving tourism industry, brings businesses an eclectic consumer market with an international vibe.

How accessible is Downtown to potential customers and employees?

The Tri-Rail train station makes commuter access to and from Downtown easy and convenient for employees and visitors alike. Moreover, the city’s walkability brings thousands of people within an arm’s reach of your business’ front door! And as new companies continue to open and grow, they create bridges from one block to the next that facilitate traffic flow.

What attracts people (and potential clients/customers) to Downtown West Palm Beach?

In a nutshell, it’s good weather, great quality of life, cost-effective commercial and residential real estate, a low cost of living and no state income tax. Downtown is just 2½ miles from Palm Beach International Airport, and visitors have a choice of more than 30 hotels within a 2-mile radius. Visitors and residents can take a free Downtown trolley for getting around or use 2,800 parking spaces. Unlike most other cities, WPB gets busier in the winter months, but large summer events such as Sunfest draw huge crowds.

Why is doing business in WPB better than elsewhere?

Current businesses say the Downtown Development Authority has a good grasp on the best interests of Downtown. A well-thought-out strategic urban plan supports businesses before and after they open through a variety of city-provided resources and incentives. And businesses support one another in a collegial atmosphere.

What quality of life can our employees expect?

Residential options in Downtown West Palm Beach and the surrounding neighborhoods offer a variety of options to match just about any lifestyle. From bohemian to trendy to urban to upscale, WPB gives its residents much more than good (OK, great) weather. Its citizens have created a city people can walk, ride bikes and push baby strollers in, be safe on the streets day or night, and explore a longer list of things to do than you could ever imagine.