Getting Fit In #DowntownWPB

The last few years have been hard on many of us physically, as well as mentally, and exercise is a great way to help you become your most productive and energetic self. Get started on building a healthier YOU at one of DowntownWPB’s many gyms and fitness studios.

  1. Dance Hub Palm Beach (330 Clematis Street, Suite 103): Dancing is a great way to get in shape while also having fun! Dance Hub Palm Beach offers private lessons and group dance classes. The studio has a special introductory offer that includes one private class for $45 and a free group class. For more information, visit or call (561)360-2537. 
  2. F45 West Palm Beach (531 Evernia Street): One of the newest gyms in the district, F45 West Palm Beach specializes in HIIT group workouts that are designed to unify the muscle groups of the body for optimal performance. Each workout is 45 minutes long and guided by trainers. F45 offers a 7-day unlimited classes experiences for $14 to West Palm Beach residents and $60 for non-residents. For more information about regular monthly membership pricing, call (561)727-8148.
  3. Factory Fitness Performance (208 South Olive Avenue): Located in the heart of Downtown, this independent custom fitness center uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to create personalized fitness programs that will work for you. Factory Fitness offers both group classes and private training. For more information about classes and membership pricing, visit or call (561)370-3071.
  4. Fitness Hub Studios (312 Clematis Street, Suite 100): Operating in DowntownWPB since May 2016, Fitness Hub Studios offers more than 100 classes per week, including Zumba, indoor cycling, body combat and yoga. This studio also has several membership options; visit for a full list.
  5. North Bridge Fitness Center (515 North Flagler Drive, Suite P100): This 24-hour gym boasts 70,000 square feet and has a waterfront location. North Bridge Fitness is limited to only 200 members and offers many amenities, including free private parking for members, free valet parking for private training clients, and a protein smoothie bar. For more information about membership pricing, call (561)328-6754.
  6. Move Fitness & Wellness Studio (701 South Olive Avenue, Suite 106): Owned by personal trainer and licensed mental health professional Amy Walker, Move Fitness specializes in personal, small group and class instruction in indoor cycling, strength training, Pilates, and STEP Aerobics. Move Fitness has three signature programs: Well (Comprehensive Wellness), Fit (Personal Training/Fitness only), and Well+ (Comprehensive Wellness and Clinical). Visit for more information about each program and pricing or call (561) 358-4423.
  7. Systema Floyd Martial Arts (435 6th Street): Interested in getting in shape while learning martial arts? Look no further than Systema Floyd. Owned by Tom Floyd, this martial arts school specializes in Systema, a Russian martial art focused on hand-to-hand combat, grappling, knife fighting, and firearms. Training involves drills and sparring without set forms. Visit for more information or call (561)373-5208.
  8. The CrossFit Squad West Palm Beach (512 Evernia Street): Located directly in front of the Brightline station, The CrossFit Squad has been a staple in Downtown since 2011. The facility has over 6,000 feet of space and an ample amount of equipment such as bikes, ropes, and lifting platforms. The CrossFit Squad has several membership packages: Teacher CrossFit Unlimited ($125 per month), CrossFit Unlimited ($150 per month), and Peake Physique ($149 per month). Visit for more information.  
  9. West Palm Beach Fit Body Boot Camp (112 North Dixie Highway): Fit Body Boot Camp is not your typical gym or fitness center. Fitness classes are not “classes” in the traditional sense, but results-driven, sessions focused on weight loss and body toning led by nationally certified coaches. The gym’s signature 30-minute Afterburn workouts HIIT with Active Rest Training produces fun workouts that burn twice the calories in half the time. Visit for more information or call (561)225-1772.
  10. Yoga Society (225 Clematis Street, Suite 200): Founded by Holly Weston, the Yoga Society was established to provide a place where people can practice yoga with great company. This yoga studio provides an array of memberships, including Annual Membership ($99 a month) and 6-Month Seasonal ($120 a month). Visit or call (561)766-2272.

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