Honoring DowntownWPB’s Heart: A Celebration of Family-Owned Businesses

Celebrate the essence of DowntownWPB as we honor our beloved family-owned businesses during National Small Business Week! These cherished establishments are the backbone of our community, each one infused with passion, character, and a relentless pursuit of quality. Join us in acknowledging the dedication and perseverance of these local entrepreneurs who pour their souls into every aspect of their business!

Note: This list is not comprehensive and will be updated as quickly as we are able to.

E.R. Bradley’s Saloon (104 S. Clematis Street):Established in 1984, E.R. Bradley’s Saloon stands as an iconic landmark in DowntownWPB. Named after Colonel E.R. Bradley, a prominent figure in Palm Beach’s casino and racing scene, the saloon has a rich history deeply rooted in the local culture. Under the ownership of Nick Coniglio, who took over from his father, the business was relocated over 20 years ago from its original location on Palm Beach Island to DowntownWPB. This strategic move was driven by the belief in downtowns potential for growth and the allure of its stunning waterfront scenery. Today, E.R. Bradley’s Saloon continues to be a beloved destination known for its delectable cuisine, refreshing drinks, and lively musical performances that captivate visitors daily.


Ganache Bakery (306 S. Dixie Highway): Nestled in DowntownWPB since 2011, Ganache Bakery stands as a beacon of homemade goodness and heartfelt hospitality. Committed to crafting the finest baked delights from scratch using only the finest ingredients, their menu boasts irresistible treats like signature key lime tarts, decadent rum cake, and custom-made cakes for every occasion. At the heart of this beloved bakery is the husband-and-wife team, Jamal and Nishanee Lake, whose Caribbean roots infuse each creation with warmth and flavor. Jamal’s talent has even graced the screens of the Food Network’s Baking Championship, earning him widespread recognition. Ganache Bakery  isn’t just a business – it’s a labor of love, inviting you to savor every sweet moment.


Lynora’s (207 Clematis Street): The legacy of Lynora’s traces back to 1974 when Raffaele and Maria Abbenante immigrated from the Italian island of Ponza to South Florida, bringing with them their cherished family recipes. What began as a humble pizza-by-the-slice spot in Lake Worth soon blossomed into a culinary sensation as Maria’s authentic Italian flavors quickly captivated the local community. Today, Lynora’s is celebrated as a beacon of Italian cuisine excellence in South Florida, with Maria still at the helm of the kitchen, crafting each dish with love and tradition. Guided by fourth-generation restaurateur Angelo Abbenante, Lynora’s preserves its Mom and Pop charm while expanding its offerings and welcoming guests to experience the warmth of Italian hospitality.

O’Shea’s Irish Pub (531 Clematis Street):Nestled in the heart of DowntownWPB, O’Shea’s Irish Pub boasts a rich history as the area’s longest continuously operating traditional bar. Since taking the reins in 1994, Maurice Costigan and his wife Rachel have created O’Shea’s with authentic Irish charm and hospitality. Hailing from County Cork, Ireland, Maurice brings a piece of his homeland to every aspect of the pub, from its cozy ambiance to its hearty fare and spirited atmosphere. Over the years, O’Shea’s has become more than just a local watering hole; it’s a community hub where people from all walks of life gather to enjoy good company, great drinks, the warmth of Irish hospitality and an authentic experience.

Palm Beach Dramaworks (201 Clematis Street): Palm Beach Dramaworks, a renowned professional nonprofit theatre company, has been captivating audiences with its compelling productions for over two decades. Founded in 2000 by husband-and-wife duo Bill Hayes, the artistic director, and Sue Ellen Beryl, the managing director, the company has flourished under their shared vision and dedication to the performing arts. Originally conceived by Bill Hayes, Sue Ellen Beryl, and Nanique Gheridian with the goal of establishing a regional theater in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Dramaworks began its journey within Palm Beach Atlantic University before finding its permanent home in DowntownWPB in 2011. Since then, the theater has become a cultural cornerstone of the community, enriching the lives of audiences and artists alike with its thought-provoking and enduring productions. 

Pioneer Linens (210 N. Clematis Street): Pioneer Linens, a cherished family-owned establishment, boasts a rich legacy dating back to its inception in 1912 by Max Greenberg. What began as a modest storefront specializing in linens and household essentials soon blossomed into a beloved community staple renowned for its commitment to quality and exceptional customer service. Over the decades, Pioneer Linens has remained family-owned and operated, with each generation contributing to its enduring success. Today, the reins of this establishment are held by Penny Murphy, alongside her daughters Marissa and Camille, ensuring that the timeless tradition of excellence continues to thrive.

REG Architects (120 S. Olive Avenue, Suite 210): For over three decades, Rick Gonzalez, president of REG Architects, has been a cornerstone of DowntownWPB’s architectural landscape. Established by Rick and his father, Ricardo Gonzalez, in 1988, REG Architects offers specialized architectural, historic preservation, interior design, and community planning services. With a combined experience of over 80 years, the duo has left a mark on the community. Under Rick’s leadership, REG Architects has transformed into a collaborative organization, with six departments overseen by Rick. From operations to finance, interiors to design, production to construction, the firm ensures excellence in every aspect of its work. 

Ristorante Santucci (610 Clematis Street): Food isn’t just a career for the Santucci family; it’s a true passion and way of life deeply rooted in their Sicilian heritage. Chef and Owner Emilio Santucci’s culinary journey began in a bustling Italian household surrounded by acres of lush produce.  

With experience from top-rated hotels and restaurants, he and his brother launched their first restaurant, San Tucci, in Brussels in 1988. Then in 2014, the Santucci family expanded their empire to Downtown West Palm Beach, opening Ristorante Santucci. Led by Emilio, with his son Eugenio as head chef and daughter Selena as manager, this sleek restaurant continues to showcase the family’s unwavering commitment to tradition, passion, and love. Indulge in handmade pasta dishes and exquisite seafood, where each plate tells a story. 

Salento Coffee Shop (407 Clematis Street): Salento Coffee Shop, founded by Bogota native Jaime Lara and his wife Johana, invites patrons on a journey of Colombian flavors and culture. Inspired by the town of Salento in Colombia, the shop’s name reflects Jaime’s deep connection to his homeland. His passion was cultivated from a young age by his grandfather Felix’s involvement in the coffee industry. Every aspect of Salento Coffee Shop is based on tradition; from the carefully sourced beans to the warm hospitality extended to every guest.  

Today, Salento Coffee Shop stands as a testament to Jaime and Johana’s dedication to sharing the authentic flavors of Colombia with the community. Located adjacent to the Mandel Public Library, the shop serves as a cozy retreat for book lovers and coffee enthusiasts alike. Alongside their signature Colombian brews, Salento offers an array of delights, including traditional arepas, refreshing smoothies, delectable sandwiches, and more. 

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