Wellness Tips for Cultivating Healthy Habits

The start of the year brings with it the perfect opportunity to establish and nurture healthy habits that will set the tone for the months ahead. Whether you’re a seasoned wellness advocate or a newcomer eager to make positive changes, nourish your body and mind with these wellness tips from our Motivational Monday instructors!


  • Don’t Burn Yourself Out. It’s so simple with a New Year’s resolution to hit the pavement on a new goal. But many times, that same enthusiasm can burn us out before we really see our goals start to manifest. Remember to take adequate rest days. As a good rule of thumb for rest days, I suggest that beginners workout for 2-3 days a week with 1-2 days break between workouts. Those who are intermediate, meaning they have some experience in the gym within the last 6 months, should start with about 3-4 days a week and rest for at least 1 day between workouts. For advanced people, work out 4-6 days a week. Again, don’t forget to rest.

~ PlantedPosh aka Alexandria Johnson


  • It’s All About The Vegetables. Instead of asking which vegetable will go with my meal, start with the next question – which vegetable do I want to eat? Once established, you can build your meal around that particular item and not the other way around, making it easier for your meal planning! Also, aim to fill half of your plate with vegetables.

~ Fit4Moms aka Emily


  • Embrace The Power Within You. Remember, your fitness journey isn’t dictated by fleeting moments of motivation. There will be days when the sparkle of enthusiasm fades, but it’s your unyielding determination, steadfast discipline, and unwavering consistency that will guide you. Make your workouts an essential part of your calendar, a non-negotiable appointment with your healthier self. Envision the triumph of stepping into the gym, immersing in an outdoor workout, or embarking on a revitalizing walk, even when motivation seems like a distant echo. This is the true secret to forging your success in the realm of fitness. So, rise to the challenge and empower yourself to own your journey to health and wellbeing! 

~ FabiFitness aka Fabiana


  • Wellness Windows! Set a consistent time during the morning and night, devoted to your wellness routine. Something as simple as putting your phone away, journaling or doing your skincare routine. Keeping a consistent, yet efficient, routine ensures that you never forget about taking some time to yourself. Your mind and body will thrive on this schedule!  Pick a wake up and sleep time and keep it consistent for the entire week. Eventually your body will readjust to this schedule, allowing your sleep to be more restful and restorative. 

~ Erin Murphy

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