WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (July 21, 2021) – The West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and West Palm Beach Arts & Entertainment District are partnering with Sub-Culture Group and Street Art Revolution to bring a powerful new mural to Camelot at 114 S. Narcissus Ave in Downtown West Palm Beach.  

Titled “The Revolution of the Groove,” the 100 ft. wide by 80 ft. tall mural will portray six revolutionary African American artists who utilized their music to challenge entrenched ways of thinking about social injustice and racism. Featured musicians include Miles Davis, Nina Simone, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, and Billie Holiday. Several of these artists performed in West Palm Beach’s Historic Northwest neighborhood. Work will begin the week of July 12 and completion is expected by August 15. 

The Revolution of the Groove mural is a collaboration between local Street Art Revolution artists Anthony Hernandez and Caron Bowman. Street Art Revolution is a Black-owned artist-led public art collective and firm, one of the few firms of its kind in the United States that specializes in providing highly curated and culturally sensitive public art, civic design, and sculptures. 

“The power of music and its ability to communicate was a vital part of the civil rights movement,” said artist Caron Bowman. “Blues music tells the story of life’s difficulties and takes the hardest realities of black life and puts them into music, only to come out with some new hope or sense of triumph.” 

Street Art Revolution and its artists have been behind a number of murals in Downtown West Palm Beach, including the recent “Icons of the Civil Rights Movement” on display at Respectable Street at 518 Clematis St.    

“These new murals not only bring new vibrancy to Downtown West Palm Beach but also honor the history and legacy that influence our future,” said Teneka James-Feaman, Associate Executive Director of the DDA. “We’re proud to partner with Sub-Culture and Street Art Revolution to further enhance the downtown experience.”  

            For more information on Street Art Revolution, please visit their website at  

About the Downtown Development Authority 

The West Palm Beach DDA is an independent taxing district created in 1967 by a special act of the Florida Legislature. Its mission is to promote and enhance a safe, vibrant Downtown for our residents, businesses and visitors through the strategic development of economic, social and cultural opportunities. 

For more information about the DDA or Downtown West Palm Beach, please visit or call the DDA at (561) 833-8873. 

About the West Palm Beach Arts & Entertainment District 

The West Palm Beach A&E District is a centralized collection of inspiring arts and entertainment venues; art and history museums; galleries; libraries; performing arts companies; and art education institutions. Situated in the heart of South Florida’s most progressive city, the District includes more than 20 distinct and distinguished cultural destinations that form a defining industry cluster. The A&E District enhances the appeal of West Palm Beach as a visitor destination, drawing attention to its status as a vibrant city illuminated by its beauty and range of creative expression. 

For more information about the West Palm Beach Arts & Entertainment District, please visit or call the DDA at (561) 833-8873.