The West Palm Beach Arts & Entertainment District: An Array of Artistic Opportunities

November 14, 2014

At last, it’s here! The West Palm Beach Arts & Entertainment District officially launches today! But what does that actually mean for you? It’s completely understandable that when you hear “Arts & Entertainment District,” you have no idea what it means. Some people might be thinking, “We already have an entertainment district – it’s called»

14 Signs You Might Be a Downtown West Palm Beach Regular

November 3, 2014

1.) You earned one of these T-shirts. World of Beer offers more than 500 different brews and honors the men and women from their loyalty program who try as many of them as possible. Once you get to 50 different varieties, you earn your first club T-shirt. You get another one at 100. That makes you»

Halloween Happenings in #DowntownWPB

November 3, 2014

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays in Downtown West Palm Beach. It’s almost scary how much fun there is to celebrate here, not only on October 31, but throughout the whole month leading up to it. You can go almost anywhere here on Halloween and expect to find spooky specials and frighteningly festive themes.»

The Five Ws of the West Palm Beach GreenMarket

November 3, 2014

The West Palm Beach GreenMarket opened its 20th season last Saturday morning. Those of you who have been to past seasons were extremely excited. Those of you who haven’t just need a little more information! That’s why we took the time to put together the Five Ws (and maybe we snuck in a W of»

The Stanley: A History of Theater in #DowntownWPB

November 3, 2014

This guest post was written by Live WPB’s Jud Whitehorn, and a similar version was originally featured on the Live WPB blog. A Familiar Pharmacy With An Entertaining History If roaming the sidewalks along Clematis is part of your daily or weekly routine, odds are that you’ve paid a visit to Center City Pharmacy at 416»

4th Annual #DowntownWPB Pup Crawl on Sunday!

November 3, 2014

We’ve worked hard to create an environment in Downtown West Palm Beach that our pets can enjoy as much as we do. Many local businesses here, such as Furry Paws, Wagging Tails, O’Shea’s, Pizza Girls and World of Beer, go above and beyond, putting the term “pet friendly” into practice. So now that the dog»

A Week’s Worth of Live Music in #DowntownWPB

November 3, 2014

Between Kravis Center performances and waterfront festivals, Downtown West Palm Beach hosts some of the biggest names in show business year in and year out. You don’t need to hold out for a headlining tour to roll into town just to get your live music fix. Downtown is also home to restaurants and bars that offer quality»

September’s Seafood Celebration in Downtown West Palm Beach

November 3, 2014

People living in South Florida can feel pretty spoiled about having freshwater fish options right at their fingertips … literally. On September 13th, beginning at 11 a.m., Downtown West Palm Beach will host the inaugural Feast of the Sea festival, celebrating Palm Beach County’s incredible culture, community, and of course, seafood. A Culinary Celebration At»

Wine Down Wednesday in #DowntownWPB

November 2, 2014

It seemed so far away just two short days ago, but another Hump Day has finally arrived, and with it comes that pivotal transition from “I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday!” to “I can’t believe it’s already Thursday!” By the end of the day on Wednesday, you have officially crossed the halfway point of the»

Relax! #DowntownWPB Salons & Spas Have You Covered On National Relaxation Day

November 2, 2014

Finding time to relax is easier said than done these days, even when you live in one of the best vacation destinations in the entire country. The amount of technology at our disposal gives us the ability to stay plugged in 24/7, and the live-to-work attitude that accompanies “the American dream” almost mandates that we»

Savor The Summer With Downtown Specials

November 2, 2014

For many people, the onset of August signals the end of summer. The 4th of July is a wrap, school will be starting up again, and the expiration date on those white pants you’ve been wearing the past couple of months is rapidly approaching. While it’s true that summer is almost over, it isn’t done yet!»

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