Utility Box

Traffic utility boxes are often an overlooked part of urban infrastructure and can easily be transformed with artwork to celebrate and engage our community.  

The West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority was one of the first public agencies in Florida to install art on utility boxes, with the first few completed in 2010, in collaboration with local artist and business owner Beau Meyers sourced historical photographs of Downtown from the Palm Beach County Historical Society.  

Downtown West Palm Beach is home to over 45 utility art boxes and currently 12 have been identified to add to the diverse and vibrant visual landscape of the district.  

Through an RFP process artists submitted artwork based on the theme “Nature in the City.” Inspired by the plant names of our streets, we wanted to extend nature’s aspects over the utility boxes from realistic to whimsical interpretations of the theme.  

By beautifying and enhancing the public realm through art this program provides both an opportunity for artists to showcase their work, as well as provide the public with an outdoor art exhibition. 

Funded by the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority and the West Palm Beach Arts & Entertainment District.  

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