Black Art Matters

Enjoy this showcase of young talented black artists amplifying their voices in our community. We encourage you to share their talent and support. 

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Arielle Charis Yebba – February 3

Born and raised in Zephyrhills, Florida and now resides in Jupiter, Florida. Both of her parents and maternal grandmother are artists so naturally she followed in their footsteps. Arielle creates art to heal and enhance the well-being of others and herself. Her creativity became the declaration of independence while transitioning to being a single mother of two and the source of inspiration for her children.  

Painting is an intimate experience for her which forges a connection to a higher power. The connection between spirit and art is akin to that of the Creator and creation. Through that connection the power of art heals, inspires, provokes, challenges, and even offers hope. Arielle’s paintings provide an opportunity to begin a dialogue about spirituality and healing from within. She seeks to capture the energy of life with vibrant contrasting colors and provocative compositions. The creative process of each painting becomes a path in her journey of self-discovery. 

Meecah – February 10

Currently a lead actress in the world phenomenon “Hamilton”, Meecah’s powerhouse voice and vibrant personality is a sight to behold. Her movement anthem “Melanated” exploded on the charts internationally and is streaming on every digital platform making its wave through mainstream Pop/Rnb. It won’t be long before Meecah is the only thing on the minds of every music lover in the world. 

Tracy Guiteau – February 17

For some, art is not a choice, but a destiny — Tracy Guiteau is one such artist. Born to traditional Haitian parents in New York, building a career in the arts required leaving behind her parent’s expectations that she pursues nursing. Guiteau was torn between tradition and truth, but the ever-present pull of art was stronger. She left tradition behind and enrolled in the Rhode Island School of Design, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. Her time spent studying the arts only further invigorated her passion, leading her to feed that artistic curiosity through travel and hone her skills at the University of Westminster in London.  

Today, Guiteau’s insatiable spirit for art has built her the very career she once hesitated to pursue. Her work has been exhibited internationally, including in such renowned events as Miami Art Basel. Her unique style is unmistakable, a quality confirmed by when being hand-picked by the top tennis player Naomi Osaka and iconic athlete LeBron James’ digital media company for an art collaboration during Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.  

Yet, what stands out most about Guiteau’s inspiring journey into artistic success is what makes her work so distinctive. While she left behind the traditional path to forge her own, it’s her Haitian heritage, independent spirit, and love of finding beauty in all things that imbue her work with rich colors, vivid emotion, and a timeless perspective, making it unlike anything seen today.  

DJ INlighten – February 24

DJ INlighten (Lance Desrouleaux) began his DJ’ing career in 2005 playing music in South Florida. It forged a path through South East Asia, South America, and many domestic cities. Born to Haitian parents and grandson to a world-famous Bass player, he took inspiration from Caribbean music, Latin music, Soca, Electronic music, and Hip Hop, which created his signature blend of Afro House and Tribal Dance Music.  

Music runs through his veins and he continues to embody that legacy with every show.  

Rashad Ian Reckley – February 24

Growing up in Abaco, Bahamas, at a very young age music became Rashad’s passion. At the age of 8, he began playing the keyboard then transitioned to drums and eventually the alto saxophone in high school. However, while in college he stopped playing the saxophone and did take it back up until after his college years.  

As time progressed, recognition of his talent playing the Alto Saxophone increased creating many opportunities for him to play at entertainment venues; various resorts in the Abaco’s; Hope Town Inn and Marina, Harbour Lodge and Seaspray Marina. As of recently he began performing saxograms; which are impromptu performances for people wishing to surprise a loved one with the soulful sounds of the SaxMan. 

After the tragic events of Hurricane Dorian, which destroyed most of the island including his home, he is now embarking on a new journey with his saxophones.