Wellness Instructors

Motivation MondayUntwist Thursday
August 2: Natalie AddisonAugust 1: Jen Thomas
August 5: Savannah Bishop August 8: Marie Mathieson
August 12: Rock Tate August 15: Shawn Dittamore
August 19: Erin Murphy August 22: Natalie Addison
August 26: Jenn Kornstedt August 29: Chad Carpenter

Thursday, August 1: Jen Thomas
An engineer by day, Yogi by night. Jen considers herself a lifelong learner. She was initially drawn to yoga because it allowed her to steady her mind. Her love and appreciation shifts and grows every time she practices and every time she teaches.

Monday, August 5: Savannah Bishop
Savannah Bishop coaches, trains and teaches locally at Crossfit Squad. She has been training and coaching Crossfit for over five years and is level two certified. Recently, she launched her own muscular endurance training program called “Peak Physique”. Savannah’s favorite part about coaching is giving people confidence when they can’t find it themselves. She loved to see people grow, thrive with their goals and hit new personal records. When she’s not coaching you can catch her napping, watching a movie or enjoying time with family.

Thursday, August 8: Marie Mathieson
A consummate teacher at heart, Marie Mathieson hopes to inspire and
spread love and light to the community. She believes yoga can bring a
sense of harmony and humanity; one posture and one breath at a time.
With the love, support and encouragement of her friends and family, Marie founded Soul Space Yoga & Wellness in downtown West Palm Beach to
allow Yogis (new and experienced) a space to breathe, explore and
connect to self and community.

Thursday, August 15: Shawn Dittamore
Shawn Dittamore moved to Florida from Washington State 22 years ago and has been practicing yoga for over 3 years. His love for yoga shines just as bright as his personality. When he isn’t on his mat, catch him surfing the waves or playing music. Shawn enjoys guiding people into a more mindful inversion practice. He hopes to encourage people to join the yoga community, try new things and always have fun.

Monday, August 19: Erin Murphy
Erin Murphy is a NASM certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and a health and wellness coach. She is currently finishing up her Master’s of Nutrition and obtained her Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology in 2017. Erin believes in creating positive, realistic and attainable habits to optimize life, starting with fun workouts! She is truly invested in helping people find their inner-confidence and push themselves past their self-doubt. Erin enjoys helping anybody and any body, so join her to find the fun in working out!

Monday, August 2 & Thursday, August 22: Natalie Addison
Natalie Addison has been living a life pursuing what she loves. While professionally performing for over 12 years dancing and traveling the world, Natalie also started a career in fitness. Movement has always been the root of Natalie’s passions and she loves sharing her vigor for it. She thrives on connection to people in her community and aims to inspire them to live a more mindful life of health, wellness, movement, art, fun and goal crushing. Natalie is currently the fitness manager and lead trainer at The Beach Club on Palm Beach Island and also runs a yoga program for a local non-profit youth empowering group called Inner City Innovators. Catch her on her off days practicing handstands in the sun and out in the community.

Monday, August 26: Jenn Kornstedt
Jenn studied at West Chester University of Pennsylvania and graduated in 2015 with her bachelor’s in exercise science and a minor in nutrition. From there she spent a few years in corporate wellness but ultimately fell in love with kicking butts and helping people break a mean sweat. Looking for a killer workout? She’s your girl. You don’t need to walk tomorrow, right?

Thursday,August 29: Chad Carpenter
A 5th generation Southern Floridian, Chad started practicing yoga 6 years ago when the pain and stiffness following his 3rd ACL replacement motivated him to find a long-term proactive approach to rehabilitating his injuries. Practicing regularly quickly became a part of his weekly routine as he saw positive results and greatly increased his quality of living. As he deepened his practice, he got much more than expected when he noticed his stress levels decrease, his gratitude for life increased, and his personal relationships strengthen. Chad finds purpose in sharing the practice with others, as a path to mindful and conscious living. He hopes to help others find the same physical, mental and spiritual freedom that he has found through his own practice.