Sherryl Muriente

Manager of Urban Placemaking

Sherryl Muriente oversees the programming of public spaces to further enhance the quality of life for Downtown residents and visitors.

Before joining the DDA team she worked with Street Plans, the internationally known stewards of Tactical Urbanism, for which she managed large-scale temporary projects such as Biscayne Green in downtown Miami. Muriente also served as the Creative Director of LeJobart, artist duet, in which she curated and managed large-scale public art projects. She has worked on an array of community-led interventions, alleyway restorations, and parklet studies, such as C’est la Via, Sistrunk’s Story Share, the Megaphone, and the Street Balcony Pilot Project.

As part of her grant work, Sherryl was appointed to manage the first Office of Public Life in the U.S., as an urban lab, with Gehl Studio in the City of West Palm Beach. Her work in Artena, Italy has been featured as part of a biourbanism documentary, ReGeneration City. An advocate for common sense urbanism, Muriente brings an expertise in getting the community engaged in activating place through action.

Muriente received a Master of Urban and Regional Planning and a Bachelor of Architecture from Florida Atlantic University.

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