Dining On The Spot Preparations

As we prepare to re-open businesses in the Downtown West Palm Beach District, the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority is working on public space guidelines to extend outdoor dining and retail options throughout district. This is in response to the City of West Palm Beach’s Economic Development Task Force requesting districts, city staff, and various community groups to work together and formulate appropriate post-COVID solutions for our businesses.
We will continue to build upon our DowntownWPB Toolkit to establish clear and safe guidelines that respect physical distancing and CDC directives, by working with businesses in complementing the restrictions of interior dine-in or shopping capacity with an outdoor solution.
We are also focused on providing additional maintenance, security, and programming to our public spaces, including parks, plazas, streets, sidewalks, and alleyways. “On the Spot” will be welcoming to residents, visitors, and merchants to enjoy DowntownWPB in a safe and enjoyable environment.