Mary Hurley Lane

Mary Hurley-Lane is the owner of Eileen’s Travel, which has been the premier traveling agency in Downtown West Palm Beach for 30 years. The agency was founded by Mary and her mother, Eileen Hurley in October of 1977. Shortly after the agency was founded, Mary’s Father, Frank Hurley joined the team as a book-keeper. The agency allowed Eileen and Frank to enjoy their retirement years doing what they loved so much, traveling.

In 1990, Mary and her husband, Jack Lane purchased the agency and moved from their original location in the Comeau Building to their present location at 329 Clematis St. Mary has seen many changes in the last 30 years that have affected downtown and Clematis and is excited to watch the city evolve into the Gem that it is today. Eileen’s Travel has changed and grown along with the city. As the travel industry has changed, the focus has changed from being a large corporate agency, to concentrating on becoming a prominent leisure agency. The addition of the many condominiums that have been added to the Downtown has been a boost to their leisure business.

In addition to being on the board of the Downtown Development Authority, Mary is very involved with her Church, St. Ann’s, another downtown landmark. As a native West Palm Beach Floridian, she loves to call West Palm Beach her home. A resident of the Northwood area, Mary enjoys the small town feel of our ever growing city and all that it has to offer.