Facade Improvement Grant Program


The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) and WPB Downtown Development Authority (DDA) have established a Façade Improvement Program within the area bounded by Flagler Drive, Olive Avenue, Dixie Highway, Quadrille Boulevard, Rosemary Avenue, and Sapodilla Avenue between Banyan Boulevard and Gardenia Street including properties adjacent to these streets on both sides that will aid in the revitalization of the Downtown Area by adding to the “curbside appeal” in order to attract and retain retail business and to increase the customer base for the businesses located within this area.

The program shall provide grants to business owners or property owners for up to 50% of the cost of exterior improvements made to the building facade in the areas visible from the adjacent street or other streets within the eligible area, and for awnings, signs and other similar façade improvements. No grant shall exceed $10,000.

Applications shall be reviewed by a Grant Review Committee in the order they are received. Once an application has been approved for an amount, the award is final and cannot be increased. The Committee shall determine the need for the improvement and shall consider how the proposed improvement would fit in with the surrounding area and further the goal of making the area more attractive for potential customers and new businesses. Grants will no longer be approved once all allocated funds are exhausted.

Once the Grants Review Committee approves a grant the applicant will be requested to provide the DDA with a schedule for completion of the work. The DDA shall notify the CRA of the amount of the approved grant and the proposed completion date for the work. No work shall commence before receiving written authorization from the DDA to begin work. Any improvements done before such authorization will not be eligible for grant funds. The processing and approval of projects may take up to 12 weeks.

Payment shall not exceed the amount approved by the Grant Review Committee, or 50% of the total bill. The Grants will be reimbursed after completion of the improvements and proof of paid invoices for the facade improvements. Upon inspection and approval by the City, the DDA will pay the grant within 30 days.

Grant applications will not be considered if construction/renovations have commenced prior to written confirmation from the DDA.


  • Application MUST BE approved in writing by the Grant Review Committee prior to commencing work and expenditures. Applications will be denied if submitted to the Committee after work is complete.
  • Flagler Drive, Olive Avenue, Dixie Highway, Quadrille Boulevard, Rosemary Avenue, Sapodilla Avenue between Banyan Boulevard and Gardenia Street including properties adjacent to these streets on both sides
  • Eligible businesses must have a valid Business Tax license with the City of West Palm Beach and submit a copy with this application. There must be no liens or taxes due on the property.
  • Application must include a description of the work proposed and completion date. Application must include two verifiable bids for each aspect of the project. Bids must be licensed professionals to perform the work. Applicant must identify which vendor is preferred and reason for the preference. Please review your application before submitting. Did you get two bids and note preferred vendor?
  • Application must include at least 1 photograph of the façade area and any necessary detail areas (sign, awning, etc.) and 1 photo or rendering of what the completed project will look like (please email photo to tjames@downtownwpb.com)
  • If the property is not owned by the eligible commercial business, the application must include property owner’s written authorization to perform proposed improvements.
  • Facade improvement work must be complete within 100 days of Grant Review Committee approval.
  • After approved façade work is complete, it must be inspected by a DDA representative and at least 1 photograph of the completed project must be submitted to the DDA. Applicant must also submit the final bills for the approved qualifying leasehold improvements to the DDA.
  • Additional information may be requested by the DDA (Staff, Review Committee or Board)
  • Inadequately documented applications will not be reviewed.
  • Be sure to include all necessary documentation.


  • Before filling out this Application Form, thoroughly read the PROGRAM OVERVIEW & APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS document for this program.
  • Only one application can be utilized for one business.
  • Type or print the required information. Do not leave spaces blank. Put N/A if inappropriate.
  • In the event that the Façade Improvement Grant Review Committee requests additional information, it must be submitted in a timely manner.
  • The processing and approval of projects may take up to 12 weeks.
  • Name of business or Property Owner
  • Detail scope of work (painting, awning replacement, etc.) and projected time-frame of the entire project, including phases if any. Attach photographs of the façade including detail areas (signs, awnings), prior to improvements.
  • Drop files here or
    Attach at least two qualified estimates to application. Please note which company you prefer to work on this project and the reason why this company is preferred.

If your application is approved for a new awning, it is expected that you protect the awning from damage during hurricane season. If a hurricane warning is issued it is expected that you will remove the awning so that it is not damaged. The WPB Downtown Development Authority will not provide additional reimbursement for damages to awnings.

For additional information contact:

Teneka James, Associate Director
West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority
300 Clematis Street Suite 200 West Palm Beach, Florida 33401
(561) 833-8873 Fax: (561) 833-5870 tjames@downtownwpb.com