Unraveling the Knot- reexamining myths, history and narratives


Jeanne Jaffe is a sculptor and installation artist who recently moved to South Florida from Philadelphia. She says, “Inspired by an interest in anthropology, mythology, and psychology, my work explores how identity is forged from early, pre-verbal bodily experience through the later influences of language and culture. This is undertaken by investigating the use of metaphor and reexamining our cultural myths and stories.

In installations such as “Little Red Riding Hood as a Crime Scene”, “Eulogy for Nikola Tesla” and “T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets”, well known folktales, history, and poetry are re-imagined through a contemporary lens and made into multi-sensory environments. In these installations, sculpture, videos, interactive elements, stop motion animation and sound coexist in a multi-leveled composition. The different signifying systems of image, motion, language, and sound intertwine and highlight different aspects of our internal and external experiences. How we navigate multi layered experience, where signification and understanding is being endlessly reshaped, and how we create meaning and self-determination from the cacophony of sensation, memory, myth, and cultural history is the subject of all my work. “

Jaffe was a Professor of Art in the Fine Arts Department at the University of the Arts for many years, and is now Professor Emeritus. She is now the Coordinator of International Projects at the Jaffe Center for Book Arts at FAU in Boca Raton. She is also a visiting artist at Xian Academy of Fine Arts and at Tianjin Academy of Art, both in China, during the fall semester.

Works by Ms. Jaffe have been exhibited both nationally and internationally at such places as Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art Museum, Delaware Art Museum, Hillwood Art Museum, Akari Museum in Japan, Michener Art Museum.

Armory’s Media Room
6:30 – 8:30 PM
$10 donation payable at the door

For more information, visit www.armoryart.org.

Online bookings are not available for this event.
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