The call went out from south Florida lighthouses to rescue crew and passengers when possible, and often to make good use of ship materials and contents. First identified and named by Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon in 1513, the Gulfstream current has since been utilized by shipping traffic as a nautical highway. The current’s proximity to the east coast of Florida, the often volatile nature of the Atlantic Ocean, and the frequency with which the area is visited by hurricanes all speak to the abundance of shipping disasters throughout our local history.

By examining known wrecks within modern geographical borders of Palm Beach County, this exhibit will provide guests with insight into our county’s development and habitation during various periods of Florida history. The popular subject of shipwrecks will serve as a lens through which we explore the impact on people and places associated with these events. Monday – Friday 10 am–5 pm, Saturday 10 am–4 pm. Tours are available with reservations; please call 561.832.4164 ext. 110.

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