The Five Ws of the West Palm Beach GreenMarket

The West Palm Beach GreenMarket opened its 20th season last Saturday morning. Those of you who have been to past seasons were extremely excited. Those of you who haven’t just need a little more information! That’s why we took the time to put together the Five Ws (and maybe we snuck in a W of our own) of the West Palm Beach GreenMarket:


According to Palm Beach Illustrated, the West Palm Beach GreenMarket is the longest-running green market in Palm Beach County. Although the term “green market” seems pretty self-explanatory, it can actually be slightly limiting. Many who hear it for the first time are probably envisioning a simple farmers market, ripe with a stocked selection of fruits, vegetables and not much else. Others may think along the lines of a greenhouse – a place to shop along rows of exotic plants to spruce up your landscaping. The West Palm Beach GreenMarket absolutely includes all of that, but it’s also important to know that it includes much, much more.

What makes this green market so awesome?

Yes, if you’re paying attention, this is the W we added ourselves, but it’s a pretty important one. By now you’re probably wondering what makes this particular market stand out from the rest. We happen to have a few pretty good answers:

1.     There’s FREE parking – That’s not a typo. Typically with an event like this, you would assume that parking would be a nightmare or worse, cost a fortune. Not here. Parking is free in the Banyan and Evernia parking garages during market hours.

2.     You can come by boat – The GreenMarket is located right on the beautiful Downtown West Palm Beach waterfront, so anyone who prefers to travel by boat can do just that. Parking is free for them as well at City Docks.

3.     It’s dog friendly – Some open markets frown upon you bringing your furry friends along on your shopping spree, but not here. Just like the rest of Downtown West Palm Beach, this GreenMarket is 100% pet-friendly.

4.     The waterfront oasis – Add the GreenMarket to your list of places to catch live music in Downtown West Palm Beach. New this season, is a shaded space offering shoppers the chance to refresh; sit back, relax and listen to a live band; enjoy hors d’oeuvre and more!


This W should really be split in two, because it’s important to have a sense of what vendors are at the GreenMarket, and what kind of people would enjoy being there.

There will be more than 70 vendors at the GreenMarket this season, ranging from those selling produce, plants and dairy products to those selling meats, poultry and seafood. Others will be selling baked goods and novelty drinks while local restaurants and cafes set up shop there as well. There will even be vendors selling natural health products and home decor items.

As for who would enjoy themselves at the GreenMarket, that answer is much simpler: everyone! With that expansive list of vendors, the waterfront location and the new refreshing oasis, there really is something for everyone at the West Palm Beach GreenMarket.


Earlier we mentioned that this is the longest-running market of its kind in Palm Beach County, which means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take advantage of it.

It runs every Saturday from October 11, 2014 to May 30, 2015, with the exception of March 28, April 25 and May 2.

The market is open each Saturday from 9am – 1pm.


As so many other great events in Downtown West Palm Beach do, the GreenMarket takes place right on the waterfront at the intersection of Clematis Street and South Flagler Drive.


Like the open-air markets that don the streets of many European nations, the GreenMarket cuts out the middle men and connects local farmers and business owners directly to the consumers. In fact, that’s where the former mayor of West Palm Beach originally got the inspiration for our GreenMarket more than 20 years ago.

Not only does this provide the local community with seasonal access to fresh, locally-grown produce and supports the sustained success of regional business and hundreds of acres of farmland across Palm Beach County, it also helps foster a close-knit community and sense of solidarity among all of us in West Palm Beach.

We’ll see you there!

Now that you have the answers to the Five Ws, there’s no excuse not to visit the West Palm Beach GreenMarket this season. It’s a way to support local business. It’s a way to come together as a community. And it’s one more way for you to get out and enjoy yourself in beautiful Downtown West Palm Beach!