September’s Seafood Celebration in Downtown West Palm Beach

People living in South Florida can feel pretty spoiled about having freshwater fish options right at their fingertips … literally. On September 13th, beginning at 11 a.m., Downtown West Palm Beach will host the inaugural Feast of the Sea festival, celebrating Palm Beach County’s incredible culture, community, and of course, seafood.

A Culinary Celebration

At its core, Feast of the Sea is exactly how it sounds. It’s a massive festival of food – seafood to be specific. Located on Flagler Drive, Feast of The Sea will feature more than 35 of Palm Beach County’s best restaurants. Of course that includes Downtown West Palm Beach favorites like E.R. Bradley’s Saloon, Pistache French Bistro, Le Rendez-vous and Ristorante Santucci, whose very own Chef Eugenio Santucci just won the Feast of the Sea Chefs Challenge.

These participating restaurants will be serving up sample-sized seafood dishes, none of which will cost more than $6, taking visitors on a cultural and culinary tour of five unique regions: North America, South America, Europe, the Caribbean, and Asia.

Fun for the Whole Family

For kids, the idea of spending all day sampling seafood might not sound like the perfect Saturday. Fortunately, Feast of the Sea is much more than just a community dinner party. It’s loaded with fun entertainment and activities the entire family can enjoy.
Children of all ages will be able to participate in fitness challenges and obstacle courses throughout the day provided by Ultima Fitness Downtown and Kids Camp Ultima. Don’t miss tug-o-war at 1 and 4 p.m., dodgeball at 2 and 5 p.m., and a team relay race at 3 and 6 p.m. And the fun doesn’t stop there. Aside from the great Kids Camp Ultima activities, there will also be a Titanic slide, bungee basketball, a 3-n-1 game trailer, a galleon ship, and more!
While the kids wear themselves out, mom and dad can check out the more than 100 art vendors spread across Flagler Drive and enjoy live music performances, as diverse as the seafood itself, on one of the festival’s two concert stages.


Friendly Competition (for cash)

The competition at Feast of the Sea isn’t limited to world-class chefs and the restaurants they’ll be representing, it’s open to everyone in attendance as well. There will be several events held to benefit charities, and the winners will go home with a little more than just bragging rights or the satisfaction of contributing to a worthy cause.

Take the casting competition put on by Future 6 Helping Hand Fund, for example. If you can cast a fishing lure into a bucket floating 60 yards out in the intercoastal waterway, you’ll go home with $10,000. If you and 100 other people are skilled enough to do it, you’ll all go home with $10,000 each!

If an intense relay race is a little more your speed, Feast of the Sea is giving you a chance to go home a winner as well. The Hope Floats Paddle Classic is the first ever paddleboard/outrigger/surf-ski race held on the beautiful West Palm Beach Waterfront. The winner of the Elite 6 mile race will walk away with a $2,000 cash prize (assuming they are still able to walk after it).

Perhaps you’d prefer a more leisurely, traditional backyard game. You should still be able to earn a little extra cash. So grab a partner and enter the $1,000 cash prize cornhole tournament. If you aren’t quite the dynamic duo you expected to be, you can show off your individual beanbag-tossing skills in the long toss competition.

Come Join Us and Sea for Yourself!

Now that you have a wider understanding of everything the first-ever Feast of the Sea has to offer, don’t miss the chance to come sea for yourself. General admission is free for all ages, and special VIP and family passes are available for purchase ahead of time. We’ll see you in Downtown West Palm Beach!