School in the City

Nobody likes the first week of school. Sleep schedule? Gone. Willingness to let go of summer? Non-existent. Ability to adapt to school? Impossible. It goes without saying that by the end of the first week the student body of Dreyfoos School of the Arts is exhausted.


Last year on our first Friday back, my friends and I wanted to do something that would let us all decompress after a week of non-stop syllabuses and endless awkward chats involving “So, how was your summer?” We all decided that DowntownWPB was our destination.

Something about saying “I’m going Downtown for dinner tonight” was always alluring to me. It sounds fancy and special. Walking out of school in pyramid formation with my friends, we ventured into DowntownWPB like we were the cast of Gossip Girl. I recall one of my friends was actually playing the song “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea aloud as we strutted down the streets.


Of course, we had to document this moment and took candid shots on the complimentary trolley on route to the waterfront where our main photoshoot would take place. Before I knew it, I was striking a pose in front of the beautiful West Palm Beach sunset. Around 30 minutes into this venture, all of that modeling was starting to take a toll on me.

I. Was. Starving.

Luckily, downtown offers many food opportunities to indulge in so I knew I was only a few short minutes away from gourmet meals. We decided on one of our favorite spots to frequent: The Chickpea. To me, that restaurant embodies just what I need after school. Now that The Chickpea has rebranded to Anzo, located at 330 Clematis Street, they have even more selections for the same laid back, casual environment with energizing and delicious food that can be savored over rambunctious laughs about our week at school.

It’s moments like these, that DowntownWPB feels a lot like our personal playground. School is always going to be hard, but steps away is DowntownWPB which is easy-going and fun. After a long week of working on assignments and late practices, it’s hard for me not to dream about enjoying a Classic Cheeseburger at Grease. So, when that last bell on Friday finally rings, you know I’m the first person to run out the door and say “Hello DowntownWPB!”

Kyle Ahern HeadshotContributed by:
DDA Summer Intern, Kyle Ahern
Dreyfoos Communications, Class of 2020