5 Chocolate Dessert Must-Haves In Downtown West Palm Beach

February is a month full of love, beautiful weather, and of course… chocolate! Looking for the best chocolate desserts and drinks? Downtown West Palm Beach is the ideal location for locals and visitors alike on the hunt for all things chocolate.  Go ahead and indulge a little. You’ve earned it! 


This isn’t your average ice cream shop. CREMA became a trailblazer in our community as the first Thai-rolled ice cream shop in West Palm Beach. The trendy shop brings a unique and flavorful twist on dessert dishes. Items are made to order with the freshest ingredients; vegan and gluten free options included. Get your chocolate fix with a bowl, cone or waffle taco! 

Our recommendation: 
The Donkey Kong  
Enjoy a cup of chocolate ice cream rolls, sliced banana, brownie pieces drizzled in chocolate.  

Ganache Bakery  

Culinary visionary and bakery owner, Jamal Lake brought his passion for baking from the Caribbean to the heart of Downtown West Palm Beach. Known for his cakes and desserts rich in flavor, Jamal has made our Downtown just a little bit sweeter since the bakery’s opening in 2014. 

Our recommendation: 
Chocolate Ganache Tartlet – $1.99 each 
Enjoy the creamy chocolate filling (ganache) in a bitesize tart.  

Gelato Go 

One of the newest dessert shops to open its doors in Downtown West Palm Beach, Gelato Go transports you to the Italian peninsula with its sweet offerings of European treats. Ideal treat to enjoy while seated outside enjoying the SoFlo weather.  

Our recommendation: 
Chocolate Gelato – $5 
Try a scoop of this classic Italian dessert in a smoothie, bowl or cone.  

Rush Bowls 

Rush Bowls is dedicated to creating a savory snack that will satisfy when you’re on the go. Blending the natural flavors of fruits drizzled in sweetness. Stop in on Valentine’s Day and share the love with a buy one bowl, get one free.  

Our recommendation: 
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bowls 
Enjoy $1 off these bowls throughout February 2021. 

Sourbon Kitchen & Bar 

Craft cocktails and chocolate? We’ll cheers to that! Sourbon knows a thing or two about serving up delicious cocktails while you sit amongst the foliage that makes up their chic ambiance. Their tasty treats and libations will have you tempted to skip straight to dessert. 

Our recommendation: 
Chocolat Framboise Cocktail 
Sip on this cocktail made with Bulleit bourbon, crème de framboise, Godiva, Campari, raspberry, lemon, orange and egg white.