14 Signs You Might Be a Downtown West Palm Beach Regular

1.) You earned one of these T-shirts.

World of Beer offers more than 500 different brews and honors the men and women from their loyalty program who try as many of them as possible. Once you get to 50 different varieties, you earn your first club T-shirt. You get another one at 100. That makes you a bona fide Downtown West Palm Beach regular based solely on the number of visits it takes to accomplish this feat.

2.) You’ve applied for one of these (the membership card, not the boat).

Downtown West Palm Beach’s newest nightlife venue is also one of its most exclusive. A throwback to the high-end yachting culture famously associated with JFK, Camelot’s finest offerings are reserved for members only.

3.) You know there’s really only one guy on Clematis.

Aaron Wormus has become a social media star and an important fixture in the Downtown West Palm Beach community. From his humble beginnings as a photo blogger, A Guy on Clematis has grown into one of Downtown’s most trusted sources of information for all things Clematis.

4.) You know where to get a spiked milkshake.

Step up from the kids’ table and step into Grease, where you can get an “upgraded” milkshake. Grease offers customers the option to have any of their hand-spun milkshakes infused with various liquors of their choice.

5.) You know which rooftop this was taken from.

Roxy’s is a fan favorite on Clematis for many reasons, but boasting the strip’s only rooftop nightlife location certainly doesn’t hurt its case.

6.) Your Saturday nights don’t end until Sunday morning.

Midnight is close to closing time in a lot of places, but not Downtown West Palm Beach. Here, midnight means just that – the middle of the night, as most Downtown nightlife locations keep the party going until 4am!

7.) You always know when Rocco will be on the bar.

Rocco Mangel is a busy man these days, overseeing operations at a handful of Rocco’s Tacos locations throughout Florida and orchestrating the company’s expansion to Brooklyn. If you thought that would stop him from busting out his signature moves atop the bar, though, you’re way off. Rocco still makes plenty of time to hop up there and surprise guests at his FIRST location – yes, right here in DowntownWPB!

8.) You identify parking garages by the stairway murals, not the actual street names.

Local artists are bringing life to the stairwells in Downtown West Palm Beach parking garages. This will be a huge relief to those visual learners out there who have a better time remembering they parked in the garage with the giant bird painted on the stairs than in the Evernia garage.

9.) You bring your dog to Happy Hour, because you can.

Downtown West Palm Beach has a well-earned reputation as a dog-friendly place, and regulars know how that came to be. Several bars on Clematis, like O’Shea’s and World of Beer, make sure Happy Hour extends to man’s best friend.

10.) You go to Sunday Brunch, but not just because of the delicious food.

Not only is the food excellent, the bottomless drink specials and relaxing ambiance at places like The Wine Dive really help bring out the brunch crowd.

11.) When it does come to food, you and Emeril have similar tastes.

Celebrity Chef Emeril Lagasse dropped by Hullabaloo recently to try some of their signature dishes and remind himself of something Downtown regulars are already keen on – we have some awesome food here!

12.) When something is taking place at “The Waterfront,” you know exactly where that is.

Speaking of major events, most of them take place right here at The Waterfront. Admittedly, “the waterfront” is a generic term, but for Downtown regulars, there’s no confusion. The Waterfront is the intersection of Clematis Street and Flagler Drive, and more importantly, it’s the epicenter of large-scale events in Downtown West Palm Beach like Clematis by Night, the GreenMarket, SunFest and more.

13.) Your summer starts early at SunFest.

Summer doesn’t officially begin until June 21, but we like to get a little head start in Downtown West Palm Beach, so we unofficially kick things off at SunFest. After all, once you spend the first weekend of May on the Waterfront enjoying some of the biggest acts in music with nearly 200,000 of your friends, is there really any going back?

14.) And your Christmas tree is made of sand.

Because how else would you celebrate the holidays in a tropical paradise like Downtown West Palm Beach?